Great E-juice Flavors From Liquid State US

Liquid State is a US-headquartered ejuice corporation that’s been in operation for six moths or so, however already has been body talking about its flavours. Actual to its motto – Vape Your State – the Liquid State line facets four unique flavors, each and every representing a US State, extra above all a fashionable dish related to that state.


The very first thing that caught my awareness even as shopping for brand spanking new e-liquids on a web-based vape store used to be the vivid purple color of the Liquid State bottles. They just soar at you adore “hiya, seem to me” and I determined it impossible to disregard. And I’m very completely happy I didn’t consider that I would have neglected out on some very exciting flavors.

The labeling is very well finished, with the Liquid State name and brand on the entrance of the bottle, the identify of the flavor and a graphic rendition of the U.S. State it represents, on the facet, and the entire fundamental warnings and pictograms, as well because the components record and enterprise know-how on the again. I really might no longer ask for extra, so kudos to them for an extraordinarily responsibly-designed label.


The one thing I didn’t like about Liquid State packaging – and this is becoming an awfully customary quandary – is the matte finish of the bottles. It’s quality to look at, sure, nevertheless it makes it impossible to look the e-liquid stage. Even protecting the bottle up to a light bulb, I couldn’t see how much juice there was left and that i find that fairly disturbing. Sure, I might switch the contents to a transparent bottle, but I shouldn’t have too.

A further fascinating thing even as analyzing the Liquid State e-liquid label was that on the again is says “bottled by using Cosmic Fog Vapors LLC for Liquid State Vapors”. I assume that implies they’re working collectively somehow, and after having reviewed the Cosmic Fog e-liquid line, all i can say is that they would learn a thing or two from Liquid State relating to exceptional juice.

Liquid State ejuice is 80VG/20PG and is available in 0,three,6 and 12 mg/ml nicotine strengths.

Sweet Leaf (Georgia): in keeping with the description on the Liquid State internet site, candy Leaf is a sweet tea lemonade with a peach twist. I am not from the united states, however I hear summer season within the South is synonymous with a tumbler of iced candy tea lemonade, and if it tastes anything like this refreshing e-juice, it need to be delightful.

I will begin to let you know how a lot I loved vaping sweet Leaf. I’ve tried numerous fruity summer time vapes in the final 4 years or so, however i have by no means vaped anything particularly like this. The sensible ice tea flavor used to be a large surprise for me, and the delicate yet scrumptious lemon and peach notes just complimented it fantastically. Sweet Leaf is just what you want on a hot summer time day – it’s sweet but not overly so, flavorful and, most of all, amazingly refreshing.

Cowboy Cobbler (Texas)

The Lone megastar State would have typically been excellent represented via a good ol’ barbecue flavor, however that would have been a little bit weird to vape, i guess. As an alternative, Liquid State went for a delicious Southern cobbler. Cowboy Cobbler is described as “recent blueberry pomegranate cobbler with candy cinnamon and buttery graham cracker crust.”

To be sincere, I didn’t even get a trace of pomegranate while vaping Cowboy Cobbler. I’m not saying it’s now not in there, nevertheless it’s either too discrete for my senses or it’s overpowered by using the scrumptious blueberry filling, which tastes pleasant, by the way. It’s now not a fresh blueberry, however a sweetened one, the type you may count on to seek out in a cobbler. On the exhale, the blueberry continues to be the dominant taste, however you additionally get that buttery crust and a pinch of cinnamon.

Cali Colada (California)

I can’t consider a better method to represent The Golden State than with a clean glass of piña colada, and that’s exactly what Cali Colada tastes like. On its reputable website, Liquid State mentions mango, sweet pineapple and guava as the important parts of this tropical cocktail. However, I’m surprised they omitted the coconut, considering that which you can tell it’s there just with the aid of taking a whiff of the bottle.

I’m no longer even go into the main points of this juice, considering that we all know what a piña colada tastes like. If you happen to don’t, please go to the closest respectable bar and order your self a glass of it, due to the fact you’re lacking out. Anyway, in a nutshell, Cali Colada is a creamy tropical vape that embodies sunny California perfectly.

Apple Butter (Washington)


This juice could also be final on our list of Liquid State flavors, but it’s by way of some distance my favorite one. Consistent with the flavor profile posted on the Liquid State website, Apple butter tastes like “gradual cooked to caramelized perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon” and “rivals your grandma’s homemade apple pie. I’m sorry to say that grandma’s pie certainly not tasted as excellent as this. Granny, if you’re studying this I’m sorry. However I’m simply sincere.

Significantly though, Apple butter is arms down the great apple pie taste i have ever vaped. What really sets this apart from other apple pie flavors I’ve tried is the average use of cinnamon. It’s seen, however now not spicy, enabling the caramelized apples and the scrumptious crust to shine. And boy, do they ever shine! The apples caramelized in brown sugar dominate this vape both on the inhale and the exhale, but the apple crust is normally in the history as good, and the discrete cinnamon rather rounds up this juice.

For those who’re considering of best getting one Liquid State taste to start with, be certain it’s Apple Butter. It’s going to rock your world and encourage you to observe the leisure of the line.

Vaping is not a bad option at all. So what are you waiting for? Get your E-cig today and instead of smoking start vaping it up. At least this can save few more life of yours which you may spend with your loved ones.

Thanks to Liquid State Vapors for the liquids I reviewed