Cosmic Fog E-liquid Review


One of the things I have ever loved is trying new e-liquid flavors. Cosmic Fog Vapors specialize in producing that particular combination of flavor I love; the one which involves combining different tastes so that new and exciting blends are created. I have hence tried their line of finely produced juices. Seven different concoctions under Cosmic Fog brand have been launched by the up-coming e-liquid company located at California in the Orange County. Due to the production of unique flavor pairings, the company has gained a reputation within the community.

Learning that Space Jam Juice, which is one of the popular e-liquid lines in the world, is the sister brand to Cosmic Fog compelled me to try the latter’s juices. I had not tried their flavors until when I got the chance to buy collections from both brands at a discounted price. However, I had seen online forum discussions about their flavors, which made me grab the opportunity once it was available. Without one hundred percent surety, it is rumored that the two brands are no longer affiliated to each other. Even the information from their website does not show any connection between the two brands.

Being a well-known brand for producing original combinations of flavor, Cosmic Fog spends an average of between seven to ten months on production of each flavor. This is so because of their dedication on research, combined with their experience in culinary, to come up with a unique user experience for every blend crafted. To add on that, the mixers or rather founders, continuously use each flavor for weeks after their development. This is to ensure that the produced blends are not only perfect, but can be used for quite a long time without tiring the tongue. It is hence good to analyze some of the produced flavors. Here we go:

Milk & Honey


This is by far one of the most popular flavor in Cosmic Fog lineup. It has been the talk of everyone about how good this flavor is for quite a period of time now. From the positive feedback, one can tell that the flavor is quite fulfilling. Due to this positive reviews, I was so anxious to have a taste of the Milk and honey flavor. However, it is never a good idea to have such high expectations since there are possibilities of getting disappointed when you did not get exactly what you expected to. Although in my case I cannot say I got disappointed, but however I did not like the taste of the flavor that much as well. The flavor tastes different from how milk and honey do, though it has a sweet, tasty vape to be precise.

Having both milk and honey in the flavor, I focused more on the taste of milk which I could not really find. Being a smooth e-liquid which gives it a great credit, there is the lack of the milk taste as it is the case in Unicorn Milk from Cut wood. To be precise, a taste of cinnamon buns or rather hints of pastry is what I got from the taste of the flavor.

In addition, the taste of the flavor is so simple that I could not continuously take it for several days due to its simple sweetness. For my case, it takes quite a longer period of time before I get used to a flavor, which was not the case with Milk & Honey flavor.

The bottom line is that according to my thinking, Milk & Honey flavor can make a good and somewhat over-hyped dessert.



This is an almond butter and preserve sandwich which I had not tasted before. To my surprise, its taste was a complete blow for me, because of how well the two blended. It is a combination of almond butter, whipped honey cream and strawberry preserve. This is one of the complex flavors I have ever come across. Hence, I give credit to Cosmic Fog for coming up with such a perfect flavor. It is pretty good for you to try this flavor as I find it hard to explain how good the flavor is here.

The flavor is dominated by a nutty taste, with the strawberry taste being so weak. However, the experience of taking the flavor is different; when inhaling, the strawberry flavor is very bold, while the nuttiness of the almond is felt when exhaling, with the creamy taste making it far much better.

Thanks to Aaron at Cosmic Fog at the Vape Expo UK for the liquids in this review