Cosmic Fog E-liquid Review 2016

Cosmic Fog E-liquid Review One of the things I have ever loved is trying new e-liquid flavors. Cosmic Fog Vapors specialize in producing that particular combination of flavor I love; the one which involves combining different tastes so that new and exciting blends are created. I have hence tried their line of finely produced juices. […]

Liquid State E-Liquid Review

Great E-juice Flavors From Liquid State US Liquid State is a US-headquartered ejuice corporation that’s been in operation for six moths or so, however already has been body talking about its flavours. Actual to its motto – Vape Your State – the Liquid State line facets four unique flavors, each and every representing a US […]

Black Note’s NET E-Juices

Black Note’s NET E-Juices Our article today is a review of the incredible Black Note NET e-juices (NET stands for naturally-extracted tobacco). There are ten natural tobacco-flavored e-liquids in the Black Note e-juices family, with these being some of the finest in the market. Black Note e-liquids are prepared from tobacco extracted in a top-notch […]