Black Note’s NET E-Juices

Our article today is a review of the incredible Black Note NET e-juices (NET stands for naturally-extracted tobacco). There are ten natural tobacco-flavored e-liquids in the Black Note e-juices family, with these being some of the finest in the market.


Black Note e-liquids are prepared from tobacco extracted in a top-notch complex and unique process that guarantees the most authentic tobacco flavor for these e-juices. Currently, no other e-liquid maker in the market can claim to have mastered this process of natural tobacco flavoring for like Black Note NET e-juice makers have.

Let’s now delve into the details on some of the claims about Black Note e-juices and see if they really deserve their current premium price point.


All about Black Note E-juices

Black Note’s 10 premium tobacco-only e-juices come flavored with naturally extracted tobacco (NET) sourced from around the globe. The tobacco extraction process takes 6 to 8 weeks, and makes use of the cold maceration process to ensure that only the best flavor is extracted from the tobacco leaves. Since zero heat is involved in this extraction process, the flavors don’t come out harsh or bitter but are softer and more nuanced extracts. You can get more details on the cold maceration tobacco extraction process from Black Note’s website.

For centuries, there have been two processes that have been most crucial in making tobacco get its rich, complex flavor: aging and extraction. But at Black Note, a unique cold natural tobacco extraction formula that allows the natural flavors of the tobacco to gradually develop over a 6-8 week period is used. This cold extraction process ensures that the resultant flavors don’t have any bitter, harsh or sour taste, providing the smoothest vaping experience with no harsh throat hit. This kind of extraction process results in the purest unadulterated tobacco for top-quality vaping flavor.

Zero Additives in Black Note E-liquids

Black Note e-juices have no chemical additives, synthetic flavors, dyes or colors whatsoever, with even their characteristic mint flavor having been naturally extracted just like the NET using the cold maceration process.

None of the harmful substances like Ethylene/Diethylene Glycol, Acetyl Propionyl, Diacetyl, Acetoin or Acrolein that have been found in some e-juices in the market is present in Black Note e-liquids. Unlike some of its competitors who don’t reveal to their customers what their e-liquids contain, Black Note offers vapers access to an independent lab analysis report to prove that all their e-juices contain ZERO additives.

One more advantage you get from Black Note’s additive-free e-liquids is that when you use them to vape, they cause far less “gunk” build-up on your e-cig coil, thus they last longer and help you have a better vaping experience for much longer.

Independent Lab Analysis Report

When we requested for proof that their e-juice products are completely chemical- and additive-free as claimed, Black Note went ahead and provided a fully transparent lab analysis report of all their e-juices. The tests were conducted in a completely independent US lab.

I purchased mine from California Vaping, who I think are the only suppliers in Europe (if you know anywhere else please comment below)